Wire-brushed Hardwood Floors

A popular trend in wood flooring in the home is wire brushing. Wire brushing your hardwood floors removes the softer wood off the top of the floor planks, leaving only the hardest wood and exposing the wood's grain, creating texture and highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.

There are many benefits to wire brushing hardwood floors:

Wire brushed wood floors have the weathered, more earthy appearance of aged wood, bringing out a rustic look to hardwood floors. Visual features in the wood, such as knots and interesting wood grain patterns can be enhanced by wire brushing the wood, adding texture and character.

Wire brushed floors are easier to maintain and cause less worry about maintaining the perfection of your wood floors, as the inherent natural beauty of the wood includes imperfections. Since wire brushing a hardwood floor adds texture and character to the floor, any little nicks or scratches just blend in and become part of the charm of the floor. This is great for homes with kids and pets, which are obviously tough on wood floors.

Wire brushing adds texture to an otherwise slick and featureless surface. The floor's texture is made up of ridges which improves traction for walking.

Also check out hand-scraping wood floors for another texturing option.

examples of wire-brushed wood floors

Photo of a wire brushed hardwood floor in an Indianapolis home

close up photo of the grain patterns in a wire brushed hardwood floor

wire-brushed mahogany herringbone wood floor with whitewashed grain