Engineered Hardwood Flooring

We can install and refinish engineered hardwood flooring products. Choosing to use engineered wood flooring offers many benefits:

  • Looks just like solid hardwood flooring, as the top layer is approximately .25" of solid hardwood. You can choose virtually any type of wood commonly used in flooring for the top layer.
  • It is more stable and less affected by changes in temperature and humidity, so there is less gapping and cupping as seen in solid hardwood flooring.
  • Can be installed over any flooring surface, even concrete.
  • Engineered flooring comes in many textures including smooth, wire-brushed, and hand-scraped.

enginerred wood flooring wear layerA key element in choosing the right brand of engineered wood flooring is the thickness of the top layer of wood (called the wear layer). Some lower quality products have very thin layers of wood, making it difficult to refinish since there is very little actual wood on the surface.

Our favorite brands of engineered wood flooring are: