Hardwood Floor Repair

Great Indoors Wood Floors can artfully repair many kinds of damage done to wood floors. Typical kinds of damage include:

  • Gouges or Deep scratches in the wood
  • Holes from the installation of carpet tack strips
  • Drill holes – the over-anxious cable guy causes lots of damage
  • Water damage – water leaks and plant watering accidents happen all the time!
  • Heavy wear areas or dull color areas – the areas most traveled wear the most
  • Pet stains – pet urine can make dark spots on wood floors
  • Fire damage

We have many ways of repair damage to wood floors including:

Cut out damaged wood and replace it:

With badly damaged sections of hardwood floor, new wood can be cut to fit and then refinished to match the surrounding wood foor.

Epoxy patching and faux painting:

For smaller blemishes such as small gouges and drill holes, we use an epoxy wood filler and then “paint” the epoxy to match the wood color and grain.

Surface scratches and dull areas:

We can lightly sand and refinish the areas to match the surrounding wood.

Heavily worn areas:

Heavily worn areas such as primary traffic routes can sometimes be improved drastically using our Deep Cleaning system. Light sanding and refinishing to match surrounding wood is a option as well.

Bottom line… we can do something to repair wood floor damage and make it look perfect or at least very hard to notice.

Wire-brushing hardwood floors is a great way to hide (and even celebrate) the imperfections in your hardwood floors. Wire brushed floors have a rougher texture where scratches and nicks just blend in and become part of the beauty of a well-worn floor.

Hand-scraping wood floors is another great way to take advantage of damage to wood floors. By scraping the surface of the wood to create texture, we can hide damage done to your floors.

Maintenance Coating:
Many clients that have wood floors in good condition with one damaged area opt to have us repair the damaged area and then do a maintenance coat of finish. We lightly sand the floor (not down to bare wood, just to score the surface of the finish) and then apply a new finish coat. This further preserves a floor that is in good condition.

Quarter-sawn oak flooring on stair treads and landing in Indianapolis Meridian-Kessler home

1930s oak parquet floor with custom stain color in an Indianapolis home