Wood Floor Deep Cleaning

Great Indoors Wood Floors uses a new technique to deep clean hardwood floors using a power scrubber with specially designed brushes and squeegees and an environmentally friendly cleaning solution. The brushes and cleaning solution reach deep into the grain patterns of wood floors and removes particles of dirt, dust and grime which have been lodged into the porous surface of your floors by years of traffic, giving them a dull or stained look.

The cleaning process does not damage the water-based polyurethane or oil-based finish of the wood floor. It only removes deeply ground-in particles in the porous surface of your wood floors finish as it follows the grain.

Many times stains can be completely removed or made much less noticeable with this deep cleaning process.

On wood floors that are generally in good condition, a deep cleaning followed by a light sanding (to roughen the surface of the existing polyurethane) and recoating with a water-based clearcoat finish can preserve wood floors and avoid having to have them sanded down to raw wood and refinished. We call that "maintenance coating".

Before & After

Photos of wood floors we have deep cleaned. I have attempted to match the grain as well as possible so you can see the changes caused by the deep cleaning.

wood floor before and after deep cleaning with Bona cleaning hardwood floor cleaning system

Indianapolis Meridian-Kessler home with repaired and refinished oak hardwood floors