Hand-scraped Wood Floors

Hand-scraping wood floors is a method of creating the appearance of distressed wood floors. By scraping the surface of the wood floor with tools, each individual plank of the wood floor will have a different look and texture. Hand-scraping is a great way to make wood floors look and feel rustic and homey. It is also a great way to take advantage of damage already done to wood floors by turning the damage into part of the charm and patina of the wood.

Great Indoors Wood Floors offers many ways to add character and depth to your wood floors. These methods include hand-scraping, wire-brushing, distressed wood floors, whitewashing, oil-finished floors, creative staining patterns, inlays and mosaics, and many other ways of creating interesting effects.

We can hand-scrape your existing wood floors or install new flooring that has already been "scraped" to create the desired texture and depth.

A photo collage of hand-scraped wood floors

hand-scraped wood floor with dark stain and glossy finish