Custom Wood Art - Beyond Wood Floors

Brian Depp, founder and owner of Great Indoors Wood Floors, has a passion for beautiful woods. That passion and appreciation is what led him into the wood floor business. But all the while Great Indoors Wood Floors has been installing, repairing and refinishing wood floors, Brian has been busy in his home workshop making beautiful, creative things with wood (besides the wonderful wood inlay work he has done on wood floors.)

If you have ANY idea for a work of art made of wood that you would like for your home or office setting, contact Brian. Some examples include wooden ceiling light fixtures/light diffusers, custom tabletops, custom wood panel walls, etc.

A decorative coffee table / poker table made with scraps of rare woods

decorative coffee table or poker table made with rare woods

A ceiling lighting fixture that both provides light to the room and difuses light across the ceiling.

wooden ceiling light fixture and light diffuser

wood wall running up a stairway